Why Choose New Roots?

New Roots products are all commercially compostable and up to 90% renewable — helping to reduce overconsumption and waste.

Commercially Compostable

Constructed of virgin kraft paper with a PLA lining, New Roots products are commercially compostable. This helps divert waste from landfills, effectively reducing pollution while promoting a more sustainable planet.

Environment First

We’re looking towards the future in everything that we do. From our responsible manufacturing processes to our vow of restoring the environment one tree at a time, we’re taking strong action to offset any potential harm caused by this production.


New Roots is committed to going green while growing your business. Embrace the convenience of premium single-use products, minus the harm!

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New Roots

New Roots provides top-quality, eco-friendly products with a better tomorrow in mind. Through our partnership with the National Forest Foundation, we pledge to plant new trees and restore the environment for future generations to enjoy.

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